What Makes Advantage One Different

Aug 10, 2021

There are thousands of insurance agencies and brokerages in California. Regardless, Advantage One Brokers shines in a sea of elevator pitches and catchy sales lines because of the priority that is placed on our individual agents’ successes, highly qualified leads, closure rates, and our overall business model. Advantage One Brokers is among the thousands of these California-based insurance brokerages; however, by not relying on flashy speeches but rather our unique business practice, we undeniably stand out. 

When considering Advantage One, here is what you need to know.

You are a long-term investment. We will put extensive time, effort, and money into you. You will be thoroughly trained and guided through the process of closing your first policy while also receiving 100% of the commission. The goal is to keep turnover rates low and focus on the longevity of your success. 

Highly qualified leads. 98% of agents work with Advantage One because of our lead generation portals. You will not be searching for or desperately reaching out to family and friends to find a lead. Advantage One has a formula for how to find clients who have already shown interest in hearing from you. Part of your training will also be centered on how to effectively close these leads.

70% closure rate. Based on our training, on average, we close 70% of the people who sit down with us. You will be trained on how to do this, as well. This high closure rate has also provided Advantage One with an excellent reputation that consistently gains momentum through positive word of mouth.

Relation-based, not transactional. Our goal is to not only make you successful professionally, but to provide you with a healthy work-life balance. We believe that the more success an individual agent has altogether, the higher chance the company has for success as a whole.      

We pride ourselves on providing the support and tools that each of our agents need in order to thrive. Contact us at debra@roakinsuranceagency.com. We are here to help you grow personally, professionally, and financially. 

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